Acceptance, Forgiveness and Lotion

Acceptance, forgiveness and love – thus proclaims his life philosophy Woody Allen’s character in a classical movie “Broadway Danny Rose”. Not bad as a life credo, but also very applicable to how we, massage therapists, treat our clients once they are under our care.

Like everyone else, massage therapists in their daily lives have standards of health, beauty, fitness, etc. But once you, our client, are in front of us, these preconceptions go out the window. All our attention is on real you. We accept you the way you are, we forgive you for the unhealthy habits you might have acquired, and we love what we do.

The phrase “acceptance, forgiveness and love”, however, is way too flowery and artsy for our conservative industry, and the term we use is the “unconditional positive regard”, which means the same thing. You, our client, the real you, are at the center of our attention, and we are completely comfortable with the sight, sounds and smell of your body.

I still remember how during the massage school second year this gentleman came in for a treatment. He was nice, but his body showed signs of years of neglect. After his massage was completed, he left a note on the student’s review card “thanks for not being afraid of my body”, and that was one of the nicest post-massage comments I’ve seen.

And that brings us to the last point I wanted to make here. What clothing should you take off for a massage treatment, and what can you leave on.

The answer should be apparent from the comments above. We, as massage therapists are prepared to treat you at all levels of undress, and you, the client, ultimately make a decision of what you are comfortable with. Apollo on the photo demonstrates what most clients, both men and women, usually leave on for the massage, although some prefer to take it all off. In the end it really doesn’t matter because during the treatment, you will be draped with towels and a flannel sheet, like the one Apollo is holding. Only the body part currently massaged will be exposed.

Come visit us, and experience it all by yourself. We hope to see you soon.

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